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1000+ people from all over India converged in Kelambakkam in the southern state of Tamil Nadu for food, entertainment, a DJ night, sports, and whatnot . Whatever your talent, VIBRANCE has a place and a platform for you to showcase it. VIBRANCE is the pride of VITians so much so that it is not just an event but a Festival for VITians . VIBRANCE is more than simply a platform to show off your talent; it’s also a place to create lifelong memories.

6/02/2015 VIT ,Chennai hosted its 1st VIBRANCE fest .It’s been 7 years since we had 5 very successful editions of VIBRANCE, all fun and games .Even though freshers and sophomores have never been to college(as of feb 22) , VITrendz is here to give the memory of something that you have never been in.

VIBRANCE is the annual sports and cultural fest of VITC that happens around the 1st weekend of February .On 2020 alone VIBRANCE fest had over 160programmes including 21 sports events which had everything from cricket to chess ,art to photography, dance battles to musical fiestas ,speech to debate ,it is almost an epitome of skills available everywhere .Over 10,000 participants from prestigious institutions attended it from all over India, were competing during the course of the three-day event .The primary objective of the fest was “To explore new talents and impart the qualities to the students.” The event enthralled the attendees by presenting Food Stall ,Club events, EDM,DJ night and Choreo night on all three days.

Let’s speak about our last VIBRANCE

Over 6 lakhs is the prize money won by several people on the fest that it happened on 6th,7th and 8th of February 2020.Sources say that the budget of the event is more than 57 lakhs .The sports events, as part of VIBRANCE 2020, which began a week before, included hockey, volleyball, throwball, tennis, cricket, football, tennis and cyclathon .Its not only sports but also clubs ,VITC clubs not one or two but several clubs conduct events on all three days with lots of fun and games.

On 6th it all started with a marathon proving the extinct of endurance of the crowd followed by several club events . The events also had several guests The musical Rockstar DSP ,Sports champion Piyush Chawla ,The cast of hit film “Oh my kadavule’’( Ashok Selvan and Rithika Singh) were there to add fuel to the gala night of 6th February !

On the next day (7th Feb) we had a person whose voice can make you feel the mystic energy of the universe, the golden voice, Mohit Chauhan made his entry on the stage but it’s not all about the day international dance troupe Team Shraey Khanna added up its own Awesome awestruck impeccable dance moves and moonwalked into our hearts.

On the Wrap Up day still unexhausted young minds competed in several club events and on that night 2 times Filmfare awardee Vivek Oberoi made his way to the stage as chief guest with his wonderful smile to make that night wild and complete we had DJ Joshi and DJ Rink .With sundown and beats up it was a great night .The Festival of VIT,Chennai was wrapped up not only with lots of fun and experience but also with a great knowledge.

The Official After movie

With high hopes for the 6th edition of VIBRANCE at least in 2023 here we come to an end of this scope for this blog. VIBRANCE is and will always be the pride of every VITian .Here we acknowledge the image/video/other © of respective clubs .

We would also like to make it clear that VITrendz is neither associated nor affiliated to VIT or VIBRANCE in anyway above is just an account of events that is written based on collective sources.

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